Step into a world of endless sun-drenched vistas, see a mighty river spread its lush green veins across an otherwise arid landscape, and drink in the unique culture and warm hospitality of South Africa’s most distinctive wine region.

Situated in the northern parts of the Northern Cape Province of South Africa, Orange River Cellars offers an extensive range of dry white, natural
sweet and dry red wine, as well as dessert wines. These unique, sought-after offerings are enjoyed by wine enthusiasts locally and around the world.
Our specialist staff members are only a few clicks away and standing by for any queries you may have regarding our selection, making the
purchase of your wine online a satisfying and complication-free pleasure.

Discover our Wines

our Tasting Centre

Our world-class wine tasting centre is located in the heart of the Northern Cape winelands, the town of Upington. This attractive venue pays tribute to the rare natural beauty of our region with large wall decorations and high quality video footage depicting the local landscape. In addition, our customised wine tasting experiences are complemented by delicious snack portions of authentic regional foods.

our Unique Wine Region

Located approximately 1 000 km from the traditional winelands of the Cape, our wine grapes thrive in a truly unique natural environment. Our vineyards are cultivated in deep alluvial soils on the fertile banks of the Orange River and nourished by perennial sunshine, allowing the inherent flavours of the fruit to reach their most vivid expression.