Regopstaan Sauvignon Blanc 2019

Award Winning White Wine

This award-winning Sauvignon Blanc comes from the farm Olien that belongs to the Hanekom family. This specific block of vineyard was planted in 2008 and a specially selected portion thereof is used to make this beautiful wine. These vineyards grow on a small hillside, and there are three different clones in this special block, adding to the complexity of the wine. According to Coetzer Hanekom, this is the highest block of vineyards in the Kakamas area, and the name Regopstaan (standing upright) is a true reflection of these unique vines standing out above the rest of the farm.

The grapes are harvested by hand early in January, and after de-stemming allowed to rest for two days in stainless steel tanks. It is here where the cold fermentation process begins before the process is completed in American oak barrels. After fermentation, a portion of the wine is transferred back to the stainless steel tanks while the rest is left to age for approximately six months in the wooden barrels.

The lees is regularly blended to enhance mouthfeel. Once maturation is complete, the wine is cultivated together to form the final product.

VARIETY: Sauvignon Blanc

WINERY: Orange River Cellars

WINE OF ORIGIN: Northern Cape

The wine presents with tropical flavours of gooseberry, guava and passion fruit, along with hints of asparagus and some people even pick up blueberry which puts the wine on the tropical spectrum. Regopstaan has a full, creamy pallet that intertwines a beautiful crispness with a soft wooden character.