A fertile oasis in the desert

Our Wine Region

Wine…the commonly understood term used to describe the final product of the process of fermenting the juice of fresh grapes. Nowhere is this process better portrayed than in the Northern Cape, the largest of South Africa’s provinces comprising an area of 361 000 square km. It is here, in the least populated part of the country, where thousands of hectares of vineyards decorate the countryside in immediate proximity to the Orange River for hundreds of kilometers. Orange River Cellars sources its pristine grapes from 850 expert grape producers situated throughout this vast stretch of land, known as the Green Kalahari.


The principal town of the Green Kalahari and also home to Orange River Cellars' head office and tasting centre.


Another scenic stop about 43 km south-west of Upington and close to Kanoneiland, is the beautiful little town of Keimoes.


To some, the town’s name originates from the Khoi word, ‘gagamas’ (brown), referring to the red clay of the area with which women daub their faces.


As one can deduct from this quaint little town's name, it is a major wine-producing hub within the region.


Founded in 1936 and named after a former Minister of Agriculture, Groblershoop is a farming and administrative centre in the Orange River Valley, east of Upington.