Working together to unlock value

Business Collaborators

As a multi-faceted wine and beverage company, we work with a variety of esteemed business collaborators on a diverse range of exciting ventures.


Norweco (Northern Cape Export Company) is a subdivision of Orange River Cellars and its export arm. The company was established to specifically direct and manage the growing demand in export markets for Orange River Cellars.

Orange River Concentrate

Another subdivision of Orange River Cellars, which is a producer and supplier of high quality grape concentrate to the South African wine industry.

Orange River Tankers

This reputable, long-standing business collaborator is responsible for the transportation of all Orange River Cellars wine throughout the country.

Farmers Pride

Farmers Pride Raisins is one of South Africa’s leading raisin companies and a recent acquisition of Orange River Cellars, unlocking value for our shareholders in the raisin industry which plays an important role in the region’s economy.