Our History

The wine grapes of Orange River Cellars originate from 160 expert grape producers all along the Orange River, also known as the Great Gariep River. These pockets of vineyard land stretch over a distance of more than 300 kilometers between Groblershoop and Blouputs. The terroir (geophysical and micro-climatical) diversity of this vast thirstland is unmatched by any wine-growing region in the country and translates into the production of strikingly individualistic varietal and blended wines.

Our People

As a wine company, we place a paramount value on relationships. Our relationship with our employees is something we continuously aspire to nurture and grow. Our wines are as much a product of our people as our pristine environment, after all. Friendly faces are synonymous with our region, and we’d like you to meet ours!

Our Region

Wine…the commonly understood term used to describe the final product of the process of fermenting the juice of fresh grapes. Nowhere is this process better portrayed than in the Northern Cape, the largest of South Africa’s provinces comprising an area of 361 000 square km. It is here, in the least populated part of the country, where thousands of hectares of vineyards decorate the countryside in immediate proximity to the Orange River for hundreds of kilometres. Orange River Cellars sources its pristine grapes from 160 expert grape producers situated throughout this vast stretch of land, known as the Green Kalahari.

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