Visitors to the Northern Cape should not be surprised to find a team of winemakers from the Western Cape visiting our region. For the traditional winemaking regions of Stellenbosch, Franschhoek and Paarl are experiencing some of the most freakiest weather conditions in history.

First there was a set of thunder and hail storms, the latter decimating some vineyards. Then came a gale-force South Easterly wind that ripped many a vineyard to shreds. And this was followed by cold winter rains, all playing havoc with the coming crop.
Many a winemaker has fled north to experience some decent weather!

Is this climate change? Nobody can be sure. But if it is, research has shown that the Cape’s traditional wine lands in the south-west are going to be moving north. Let’s hope the Northern Cape stays sunny and temperate as we are blessed to experience it!

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